About LeeAnne

At various points in my life, I wanted to be: an astronaut, an English teacher, an undercover narcotics officer, an art director, a shop or restaurant owner, a young adult novelist, a professional organizer, the person who selects music for movies, a maker of Hallmark cards. Pretty much everything. So, I became a journalist—so I could at least write about everything. :) By day, or at least during my daughter’s nap times, I am a freelance magazine writer and editor (current and former clients include Diablo, Napa Sonoma, Crochet Today, and Rhapsody). By night, I am a scrapbooker, film fanatic, and gourmand.

I love God, art, music, movies, magazines, animals, sock monkeys, stationery stores, sarcasm, Mr. Darcy, New Orleans, coffee, beef chow fun, crazy socks, and making verbs out of nouns. I get excited about stuffed animals as if I’m an 8-year-old. I dislike airplane travel, logo-laden clothing, voicemail, and meanness. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my husband, Paul, our nine-month old daughter, Denali, and our two cat-kids, Nomnom and Pepper (short for Caffeine-Free Diet Dr. Pepper). Paul has taught me many things, but most important: how to play World of Warcraft.

About Blue Giraffe Creative
This site is a personal blog about creative and intentional living. It is my notebook of craft and design trends, a practice space for relearning Photoshop (dusting off that 2002 degree!), a platform for engaging with and promoting artisans I admire through Q&As, and a place to share my life—from my published writing and craft projects to recipes and iPhone snaps. But mostly, it’s pure randomness. As I evolve as a person, this site evolves, too. I try to post something new every week, but sometimes I get too busy. Thanks for understanding.

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For questions, comments, whatever, email bluegiraffecreative[at]gmail[dot]com.

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