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by LeeAnne on March 7, 2015


I’d like to be better at sharing my freelance work on the blog in 2015. Not only so you can read it, if you’re interested, but also to share some fun behind-the-scenes stuff from interviews, tours, and projects that wouldn’t otherwise see the light of day. Here’s what I worked on in the first quarter of 2015…

Rhapsody Magazine
Beginning with the January issue, I have been doing some freelance editing for United Airlines’ first-class magazine, Rhapsody. I fact-check 3–4 articles and proofread all the editorial pages each issue. It’s a great publication for anyone interested in luxury lifestyle and travel, with stories on international destinations, high fashion, fine watches, and celebrity profiles. Plus, I’m always learning something new.  (I often joke that a couple years of fact-checking can practically replace a college degree.)  For example, in January, I learned that the Everglades are home to 300 species of fish. In February, I learned that Eleanor Roosevelt was likely having an affair with Lorena Hickok, essentially her press secretary; she even moved her into the White House. (And, literally, the next week, there was a reference to this on Glee.) In March, I learned all about the 10-mile-wide radio-telescope antenna array in the middle of Chile’s Atacama desert, which is observing the millimeter and submillimeter section of invisible light.  I’ll be a better Trivial Pursuit player in the near future, lol.  You can read the digital editions of the magazine here.

Odd Jobs: Engineer of Fun
In the March issue of Diablo magazine, I profiled Kevin Cruz for the recurring Odd Jobs column I started a couple years ago. He’s the engineer and ride mechanic for Children’s Fairyland in Oakland, and basically, over the past year, he’s gone all MacGyver on the 65-year-old amusement park, doing things like fabricating lighting parts from pressed pennies. Beyond what I captured in the profile, I liked his humble attitude (“If it’s broken, I go fix it. I’m not anything special”) and his soft spot for animals: He often stops by the petting zoo and can be found entertaining squirrels in his converted-shipping-container office. You can read it here. And if you missed my previous Odd Jobs columns, here they are: the taxidermist at Oakland Museum of California and the organ player for the Oakland Athletics.

The List
My last monthly calendar, “The List,” ran in Diablo‘s March issue. I’ve researched and written this East Bay calendar, off and on, for more than a decade. (There was that brief hiatus early in the recession, when the magazine had to cut pages, and a few other random months when I was too busy or there was a family emergency and had to hand it off.) It went through three redesigns and three names, previously “10 to Do” and “Diablo Datebook.” And for much of that time, I also penned the accompanying weekly events blog, “Top Tickets,” which will run online through the end of March. All of this was hard to step away from. I genuinely enjoyed working on the calendar for several reasons, but mostly because it helped me live a full, fun life in the East Bay. I always knew what was going on, my friends often asked for recommendations, and I attended countless stage musicals, street festivals, and art exhibits, both on press credentials and off. Although I’ll try to keep up, I know I won’t be as connected to the local arts community in the future, and that is too bad. Here is “The List” for January, February, and March.

Diablo Weddings
Lastly, I proofread the first annual Diablo Weddings special issue. I got married in 2008, which seems like not that long ago. It was, however, before the launch of Pinterest. For ideas, I bought bridal magazines and browsed a few wedding blogs, but there wasn’t such a huge fuss over on-trend themes, colors, and ideas. So it was really fun for me to read up on the latest, from “naked” cakes to official hashtags to drone photography. If you or someone you know is getting married in the Bay Area, you’ll want to check it out here. It features real-life wedding inspiration, tips from planners, and lots of unique and local ideas.

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