Hello, December

by LeeAnne on December 7, 2012


Wearing: Purple and white polka dot pajama pants and an old tee—my evening chillaxin ensemble. And NO socks, never socks alone on carpet. Shudder.

Watching: I caught up on Project Runway All Stars earlier this evening. I’m only watching two shows right now, which is nice (I stream Project Runway and Parenthood for free online).  I need to cut down on the evening Internet time, though.  All the hours I’ve saved ditching TV I’m beginning to put right back into another screen.

Drinking: Sparkling ICE in orange mango. Sooo good. Paul and I first stumbled across this brand during Livermore’s Chili Shooters Stampede. At the event, you get a commemorative shot glass, visit participating restaurants to fill your glass with chili (from brisket chili to veggie Mediterranean chili, and everything in between), and vote for your favorite. We got pretty thirsty and saw this flavored sparkling water for sale in a wine bar. Months later, we were happy to discover cases of it at Costco and stocked up.

Needing: A recipe for the cookie exchange I’m hosting a week from tomorrow.  I think I’m going to choose pumpkin molasses sandwich cookies with cream filling (swapping the cream cheese filling in the recipe—yuck—for a mildly sweet cream filling from Pioneer Woman).  Can’t wait for the test run this weekend!

Feeling: Sleepy. It’s been a long week. The Diablo team is shipping our January issue, and in the midst of it, I attended a day-long digital media conference in San Francisco, the company holiday party, and our Threads of Hope event.  With all the lost hours, I was getting in early most days to stay on schedule.  *Yawn.*

Digging: I’m a big fan of This American Life, but I particularly enjoyed the most recent episode, “Animal Sacrifice.”  I think I went through the entire spectrum of emotion in an hour!  It’s interesting, touching, disturbing, and hilarious.  If you don’t already listen to this show, I implore you to subscribe to the podcast via iTunes and check it out (older episodes can be streamed on demand through TAL‘s website).  I’m seeing Ira Glass speak in Berkeley in February, and I can’t wait!

Thanks to Tina at Life Love Paper for the Currents inspiration!

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LeeAnne December 16, 2012 at 12:44 pm

Hehe. Whatever. It’s super gross!

Nicole December 10, 2012 at 11:24 pm

Did you just “yuck” cream cheese frosting/filling???

Um. You’re fired.

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