Hello, November

by LeeAnne on November 4, 2014


Wearing: Jeans, a sheer floral-printed shirt over a tank top, and flip-flops. California Autumn. I’ve basically been wearing a variation of this outfit daily since having Denali. I haven’t been back to (office) work, and I haven’t done any clothes shopping. After my c-section swelling went down (probably the worst part of the physical recovery, IMHO), I ended up 15 pounds lighter than when I got pregnant. Best weight-loss program ever. Don’t hate me.

Watching: Hollywood Game Night. I’m often late to the party on TV shows, as I don’t have cable or broadcast TV. But I stumbled across this game show on Hulu, and found myself laughing til I cried. Also, I’m looking forward to catching the movie Birdman soon. It’s Oscar season, you guys!!!

Listening: I’m two episodes into the new podcast Serial. It’s one true-crime story told over several episodes, kind of a throwback long-form radio show. It’s from the crew of This American Life, and it’s pretty awesome so far. I’ve also been flirting with purchasing the You+Me album (Pink does folk ballads!) and the Muscle Shoals soundtrack. Do you guys still buy digital music? I feel like I might be showing my age here…

Reading: In recent days, I enjoyed this quirky, tender, and ruthless Japanese approach to home organizing (example: thanking objects for their service before tossing), an Anne of Green Gables fan’s tour of Prince Edward Island, and this funny but moving birth story.

Wanting: These adorable hand-drawn emoji stamps from the new collaboration between A Beautiful Mess and Studio Calico.

Planning: You know that Project Life album I’m working on? I’ve been stalled a bit on how to organize it. But after taking Scrapbooking Your Baby’s First Year (more on that soon), I was inspired to change directions. I had been doing one spread per week, but the photos were starting to get monotonous. And I wasn’t sure how to incorporate the Dear Denali letters, which is great journaling that is already done. My new plan is to do two Project Life spreads per month (half the photos of previous plan) with 12×12 pages as dividers in which I will incorporate the Dear Denali letters in a traditional scrapbooking format. I’ll photograph some of these layouts as I complete them.

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