Hello, Spring

by LeeAnne on March 20, 2015


Originally, the plan was to do these “currents” lists monthly. Hahahahaha. I think I’ve done three in two years. So, here’s the beginning of my seasonal/quarterly currents.


Wearing: Jeans, a sheer paisley-print shirt over a silky tank, and no shoes. It’s basically what I was wearing in my last currents, just a different print on the shirt. LOL. I really, really need to go shopping…

Drinking: A grande java chip frappucino from Starbucks. Specifically, the drive-through Starbucks in the next city over because I didn’t want to take my nine-month-old out of her carseat again. I wish there was a drive-through for everything.

Watching: I finally finished Parenthood. I put it off for weeks, telling people that if I didn’t play the last episode, then it wouldn’t end! Well, that distant sobbing you heard a couple weeks ago… that was me, watching the finale. Also, Paul and I are rewatching every episode of Game of Thrones in preparation for season five. So! Excited!

Listening: The first single, “Crystals,” from the new Of Monsters and Men album is out. I just love them. Such a cool, atmospheric sound.

Reading: Recently, I’ve enjoyed the humorous “Kids These Days” from San Francisco magazine, about pint-sized food snobbery. And at a recent MOPS meeting, this two-year-old blog, “One Little Word That Radically Changed My Prayers” was inspiring. I’ve often thought about how borderline petty and narcissistic prayer can be, and this changes the game.

Playing: King of Tokyo. My family is obsessed with board games, and this is a new favorite. The gameplay is quick to learn (unlike much of what we’ve been known to play, lol), the game board is small (so you can totally play it with five people jammed around a tiny cocktail-size table at Barnes & Noble, as we have), and it’s fun. Props to our friend Staphon for introducing us to his family’s tradition of listing winners inside each game’s box lid. We do this now, along with the date and any details specific to the win, such as the final score, the “hero” played, or the number of opponents.

Wondering: What is up with the bone broth craze? Isn’t it just stock? Like, when I made jambalaya on Mardi Gras, I made stock from the rotisserie chicken carcass and vegetable trimmings. And then I cooked with it. It was yum; I could have just swigged a cup of it if I wanted. I mean, whole animal cooking is about as old-fashioned as it gets. It’s funny to me how old traditions and hobbies become trendy and “new” again.

Anticipating: Berkeley Rep announced its upcoming season, and on the schedule is a world-premiere stage musical adaptation of Amelie. Can’t wait!

Planning: Denali’s first birthday. I’ve already purchased a dress and some decorations, and I’ve started designing the invitation. It’s more than two months away. I am a crazy person. But parties!

Nicole March 24, 2015 at 8:23 pm

You’re right, bone broth is a traditional food! It’s incredibly nourishing and healing. The art is lost on a convenience-oriented way of eating, though. I venture a guess that most people just buy boxed broth or use boullion in place of true bone broth.

There is one difference between stock, as you described, and bone broth, though. Bone broth is cooked for 12-24 hours to draw out as much gelatin and minerals as possible–often with a tablespoon or so of apple cider vinegar to aid in that process. And for chicken bone broth, often extra backs/necks and feet are added to provide extra gelatin on the cheap.

Traditional foods like bone broths, fermented foods, and soaked grains are not so common anymore–thus the trend, with the current swing toward healthier eating.

Check out Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon for a whole slew of traditional foods and what was/is so good about them.

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