InstaFriday No. 10

by LeeAnne on April 20, 2012

Another InstaFriday catch-up! I’ve been thinking… by the time I get caught up to my most recent iPhone photos, and what’s included actually represents a week rather than a month, these posts are going to get really boring. Hehe. Well, until that happens, join me in the photo-sharing fun at Life Rearranged.

1: Yes, those are shrimp. And yes, they were ridiculous. Ridiculously good. For the second year, my family gathered together for a Mardi Gras feast. We each prepared a different Cajun/Creole dish, and my parents made Paula Deen’s fiery Cajun shrimp. They also made the best red beans and rice this side of the Mississippi. No, strike that; the best in all of the world. I, unfortunately, made kind of a dud this year: I tried out a “healthy” jambalaya recipe. My bad. Never again.

2–3: Erin and Eric fry up some hush puppies. They were a little wonky-shaped but soooo good.

4: Individually labeled bags of powder sugar for beignets. Not quite as messy as Cafe du Monde, but equally as delicious.

5: Erin and I popped into West Elm in Emeryville for its We Heart Handmade Art event. Ten crafters had tables setup throughout the store to sell their wares, while a DJ cranked out tunes. It was so fun! Can’t wait for the next one.

6: Despite my fondness for indie handmade goods, I do have a soft spot for the accessory display Cost Plus World Market! I love these beaded statement necklace I picked up recently. (BTW, I interviewed on of World Market’s buyers for Diablo. She travels all over the world scouting goods for the store’s home decor department. Sweet, right? It will run in the June issue.)

7–8: Speaking of stories I’m writing… I just finished a feature for the same issue on roller derby! So, for some very fun research, I went to see the Bay Area Derby Girls at Richmond’s Craneway Pavilion (and caught the sunset over the Bay as I arrived). The bout, between the Oakland Outlaws and the Richmond Wrecking Belles, was a blast. These ladies are fierce, especially Demanda Riot in her war paint.

9: My new bento. I ordered snack-size and meal-size Lock & Lock boxes from Amazon, but the latter was back-ordered. But I’m enjoying the snack one for now. I think vegetables are more appealing when they’re in cute little containers. :)

10: I attended the Oscar Party at Vine Cinema for the third year. It’s such a fun event—definitely more fun than watching the Academy Awards at home! They have red-carpet fun, with guests dressed up for photos and TV interviews. Tickets come with a goodie bag (treats and coupons from local businesses), a glass of champagne, and a cupcake.  You can order food to be delivered to your seat (as you can at any movie at the Vine), and you watch the telecast on the big screen. So fun!

11: Me and my friend Melody waiting in line outside the Vine Cinema.

12: The Oscars begin!

That’s it for this week.  I hope you will have a great weekend!

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