InstaFriday No. 14

by LeeAnne on July 13, 2012

Happy Friday! It’s been a while since I’ve joined in the photo-sharing fun at Life Rearranged, so let’s catch up! Here’s what my life looked like at the end of May, according to my iPhone…

1–4: After many years as a self-professed “black thumb,” I went all out for my new patio garden. I couldn’t keep one plant alive, but I figured it might be harder to ignore 11 of them. And so far, so good. The plants are thriving. I’ve got hibiscus, bougainvillea, herbs (currently chives, cilantro, rosemary, and basil), succulents, and a few others whose names I do not remember. I love my Toucan Watering Can from Anthropologie (clearance!) and the little gnome my mom bought me when we went to pick out plants.

5: Nomnom and Pepper in their favorite spot. We have pretty deep window sills in our condo, and the cats love sitting and sleeping on them.  This perch in the home office, in particular, gives them a great view of the birds flying around the courtyard.

6: Summer grilling, ftw! I believe this was from the Mother’s Day dinner in my parents’ backyard.  Filet mignon kebabs, grilled corn… does it get any better?

7: Ballerinas are beautiful and graceful—most of the time.  Here’s my silly sister Lindsey, with her boyfriend Brett, following a recent dance performance.

8: How cute is this little guy!? I couldn’t resist this needle-felted owl by Woolbuddy when I saw it on display at Rakestraw Books. The creatures are available pre-made, or as DIY felting kits. I’d like to make my own octopus next time.

9: Some groovy entertainment at Rockridge BART. Want to hear something sad/crazy? Until recently, I didn’t realize how easy it is to get to this part of Oakland. I’d rarely venture to Rockridge because it’s bit of a drive from my home. But from work, it’s a quick BART ride to Atomic Garden and Maison d’Etre and Cactus Taqueria. I’ll be doing that more often now!

10: Since we’re on the topic of BART, I finally got up close and personal with the thousands of crosses on the hill across from the Lafayette station. It’s a memorial to soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, and it’s quite a sight. And, many crosses near the sidewalk have been beautifully painted or decorated by artists and community members.

11: The display case at Danville Chocolates. Omg. I popped in here while doing some research on stores in the area for Diablo‘s Best of the East Bay feature and couldn’t resist the chocolate-covered marshmallows and nutty, carmel-y grizzlies.

12: On another research adventure, I explored Oakland’s Temescal Alley, which has been getting quite a lot of press lately. Among the several small creative shops tucked away behind Telegraph Avenue is Crimson Horticultural Rarities, filled with terrariums and taxidermy and all kinds of quirky and interesting treasures. Check it out!

13: The ladies of the Jones family headed to the cabin for the weekend, and spent an afternoon in Sutter Creek.  It’s a charming little town, with art galleries, wine tasting rooms, and antiques stores.  I did some very early Christmas shopping while I was there. I know, people like me are sick. I know…

14: My sisters-in-law Lisa and Charissa cool off in the shade after shopping in Sutter Creek.

15: Paul and I had a blast at Livermore’s Chili Shooters Stampede. We picked up our shot glasses and maps and then walked up and down First Street, where several restaurants were offering up their take on chili, from a Mediterranean turkey chili to a smokey brisket chili to an Italian sausage chili. We voted for Sauced (brisket chili) as our favorite, which ended up winning second place.

16: A ride through Sunol in a Shelby Cobra? Sure, why not?

That’s it for this week. I hope you will join in the photo sharing fun, too.  And, have a great weekend!

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