InstaFriday No. 18

by LeeAnne on February 15, 2013

Whew, it’s been a while. Lots of photos to catch up on! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Valentine’s Day! Hehe. I’ll get to about half of my recent iPhone photos here and the rest next Friday. Here’s what life’s been like around here…


1: I made mini muffins for my in-law’s all-day Christmas Eve gathering: banana nut, blueberry, and pumpkin chocolate-chip. They were a hit. I don’t think any of them came back home with me!

2: Paul opens gifts with the kids. :) I love this picture of him and Nomnom. He jokes that he doesn’t “like” the cats, but he totally does.

3: Best. Christmas. Gift. Ever. Paul got me a Cameo Silhouette. Naturally, my first project was to make him a thank-you card. :)  Love how easy it is to make cuts of any fonts installed on my computer. It’s going to be so fun to play with this.

4: Our newest Christmas ornament, from our trip to Hawaii. Paul and I have been collecting ornaments on our travels, and it’s so fun to unpack them and recall the special memories.


5: Happy New Year! I had a little fun with the bowl of confetti while waiting for midnight. :)

6: Human disco ball. I bought this cute sequined sweatshirt by American Rag. Unfortunately, the construction is a little obnoxious. The sequined material was run through the seam and cut, so the sharp edges of sequins keep cutting me, especially under my arms. I was a wreck the first day of wear. My current temp fix is to cover the seams inside with masking tape, LOL. Need to have someone sew in a panel.

7: It’s always sad to say goodbye to the Christmas tree…

8: And even more sad to say goodby to family. My brother- and sister-in-law, Ryan and Ashlee, moved to Nevada right after Christmas. I will miss them and my cute niece Grace.


9: Socked in with fog on a winter morning. Oh, Bay Area.

10: As usual, I came home to find my cat-kids, Nomnom and Pepper, napping together on the couch.  It’s so funny how cats have certain spots that they like to be at different times during the day.

11: The first step is admitting you have a problem. Actually, I have a lot more than this now. Addicted to washi tape.

12: Working on save the date cards for my little sister, Lindsey.  She’s doing a lot of DIY for the wedding and is stamping and embossing the finished stationery.


13: For the family Super Bowl party, I was in charge of pretzels and cheese. So, I tried out some cheese dip recipes ahead of the gathering. This was a beer-cheddar-gouda dip. It was delicious, but I could never get the consistency quite right. I also made roasted jalapeno-white cheddar, which turned out perfectly.

14: One of the two snack spreads at my aunt and uncle’s house. So festive!

15: My adorable parents.  I have no idea where they got these shirts.  They almost look like true Giants fans (in truth, no one in my immediate family really watches sports, hehehe).

16: Lily, my aunt and uncle’s dog looks adorable in her 49ers scarf.


17: I spent a day in the city (San Francisco) for a Folio workshop on magazines and digital media.  It was pretty cool.  I learned a few new tricks for social media and met many of the editors of Sunset, which I read regularly. I thought I’d spend a couple hours shopping afterward but I was pooped. I basically just walked through Anthro in a haze.

18: Paul and I getting ready for a date night.  I think in this picture, we were seeing The Hobbit.  I see so many movies, it’s hard to keep track!

19: A birthday cake I made for my mom. It was a box cake with can frosting (spice and cream cheese), but I made sure to make it extra pretty with cute Wilton sugar flowers.

20: The second in Diablo‘s quarterly City Series, the Lamorinda Book, arrived.  It’s fun to work on something a little different.

That’s it for this week!  Join in the fun by linking up your photos with Life Rearranged.

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Nicole Hanson February 24, 2013 at 9:37 am

Ok, this is a weird comment, but I’ve been thinking lately about how “young” I was when I got married and how little I knew about planning a wedding (thank God for Mother-in-Laws, or there would have been no food, no flowers, no garter…) and all the things I would have done differently had I known–well, anything–about wedding planning, or if I had been to more than just one or two weddings ever.

Anyway, your pic of your sister’s save-the-date card made me realize (for the first time… what gives?! Mommy brain, I guess. It’s pretty great to be able to claim mommy brain just about any time you forget something) that MY little sister is going to get married someday, and I will get to help her with HER wedding. And that is super exciting.

Miss you friend!

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