Spring 2015 Mix Tape

by LeeAnne on March 31, 2015

MixTapeMy mix tapes are back! Not only here on the blog, but also among my iTunes playlists. Basically, every song I purchased in 2014 was thrown into one big playlist, and it was awful, just awful. I much prefer to keep a seasonal organization, like a musical snapshot of my life at the time. Enjoy it, move on, and then reminisce later.

As always, I’m not the world’s hippest music fan. I’m just a music fan. The following are the songs currently in heavy rotation on my computer and in my car (when I’m not listening to Denali’s Music Together CD, lol…), whether new, new-to-me, or old favorites that I’ve come back to for one reason or another. I often burn a copy onto CD for my sister, and occasionally other friends, so I eventually spend some time arranging them into what I think is a nice progression.

This spring, I’m excited about a few new releases from artists including Mumford & Sons, Of Monsters and Men, and Joy Williams (formerly of The Civil Wars). And I’m a sucker for a good, fun beat, and Bruno Mars and Pharrell Williams deliver—again. Among the older tracks, can I just say I am obsessed with Sleeping At Last. Such beautiful compositions, and lyrics that really resonate. I had the whole EP in my 2014 playlist, but I’m putting my favorite track here. Enjoy!

1. “Uptown Funk” – Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars (iTunes)
2. “Come Get It Bae” – Pharrell Williams (iTunes)
3. “Dangerous” – David Guetta feat. Sam Martin (iTunes)
4. “Reflections” – MisterWives (iTunes)
5. “Shut Up and Dance” – Walk the Moon (iTunes)
6. “Geronimo” – Sheppard (iTunes)
7. “Believe” – Mumford & Sons (iTunes)
8. “Crystals” – Of Monsters and Men (iTunes)
9. “Woman (Oh Mama)” – Joy Williams (iTunes)
10. “U + I” – Stacey Marcus & Tim Myers (iTunes)
11. “Breakfast With Chopin” – Elizaveta (iTunes)
12. “Dollhouse” – Melanie Martinez (iTunes)
13. “Yellow Flicker Beat” – Lorde (iTunes)
14. “Work Song” – Hozier (iTunes)
15. “In the Embers” – Sleeping At Last (iTunes)
16. “Train Song” – Benjamin Gibbard & Feist (iTunes)
17. “Mess is Mine” – Vance Joy (iTunes)
18. “When We Were Young” – Lucy Schwartz (iTunes)
19. “How It Ends” – DeVotchKa (iTunes)

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