by LeeAnne on November 22, 2014

Things I accomplished this week:

  • Researched and wrote the January 2015 events calendar for Diablo magazine.
  • Wrote this week’s Top Tickets events blog for Diablo magazine.
  • Composed and scheduled tweets for every event featured in Top Tickets.
  • Fact-checked four stories for United Airlines’ Rhapsody magazine.
  • Proofread two departments and two features for Diablo Weddings.
  • Reacquainted myself with the AP Style Guide, for a new proofreading gig.
  • Brainstormed a marketing campaign for a friend’s new business.

I also made a tiny bit of progress on Denali’s scrapbook (I rearranged the photos and pages into my new plan), met up with my parents for dinner and my sister-in-law for lunch, bought a few Christmas gifts online, assembled a high chair, and took family holiday photos (including shopping for photo attire for all three of us). And, you know, kept my six-month-old alive, fed, engaged, and loved.

Admittedly, I didn’t sleep so much. I also didn’t really clean or cook. But, it can be done. I can be a work-at-home mom, who is a freelance writer and editor. I wouldn’t have believed this five months ago.

That said, I can’t sustain this pace for too many more weeks. (I feel a little like my college self, who spent most years juggling a full class load, paid editorial positions on the newspaper and yearbook staffs, a part-time job in the admissions office, and having fun with friends. Limited free time drives me to make the most of it. But I don’t have that 19-year-old body—or energy—anymore.) My amazing mom is going to help me out by watching Denali during the day on Mondays, so I can do some hyper-focused work. I am so very grateful.

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